• ·  Invested by leading global blockchain Fund, ETRADE has more
       than 10 years track record on financial investment.

  • ·  ETRADE has also involved in various blockchian ecosystem such as leading Blockchian Project, Quantitative Trading,
       Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things.

  • ·  Self-established exchange
  • White Papper
Development Road Map
  • 2019.Q1
  • DAPP Launching
  • Including Crypto Fund, Forecasting Market,OTC Trading
  • 2019.Q3
  • ETRADE will introduce the third-party
  • vendors and crypto fund.
  • 2020.Q1
  • ETRADE will use IPFS technologies to
  • enhance its decentralized system to the next level.
  • 2018.Q4
  • White Paper Releasing, BATA Testing
  • Finishing ETRADE Token Issuing
  • and smart contract development
  • 2019.Q2
  • Finish the ETRADE fundamental layer development.
  • Allow users to upload self-designed trading strategy.
  • 2019.Q4
  • Launching the DAPP version 2.0
  • Upgrade user experience
Technology Advantages
Decentralized Data Management Protocol
Muti-signiture, Asymmetry Encrypt
The Platform Token for the Exchange
User Distribution